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What Businesses Can Benefit from Before & After Photos?

Photos can help your business tell a story better than any text description ever could. This is especially true if your business is all about visual results. Here are just a few of the businesses that can benefit from showing before and after photos on their websites and social media.

Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeons

While plastic surgeons may be called on to help improve functionality of certain parts of the body, many are in the business of beauty. The results you achieve for patients may be amazing, but they will look even more impressive when viewed next to how the person looked to begin with.

There are dozens of different photo gallery systems on cosmetic surgery websites, and yours very likely uses the one created by the online marketing team who built your website. Is that really the best option? The Ultimate Before & After Gallery is purpose-built to give the best front-end and admin experience possible in a website photo gallery.

Home Renovation/Remodelers

It’s always a hectic time for contractors, designers, and others in the home renovation industry. It can be hard to find time to showcase your results in between jobs. But people absolutely want to see some examples of your amazing work, and an easy-to-use photo gallery takes the hassle out of uploading your best work.

Medical Spas

In our experience, med spas and others performing nonsurgical cosmetic enhancements can achieve some truly dazzling results. Often, your clients look refreshed, more youthful and more lively. Because your cosmetic results can be subtler than a surgeon’s, you need to take really high-quality pictures and have a way to display them on your site.

Many times, med spas do without a gallery system on their websites, and instead just use photos from device manufacturers. Resist! Take the time to showcase your own results and you’ll be rewarded with more business.

Dentists & Orthodontists

Whether you are using dental implants, crowns/bridges, braces or other orthodontics, you can make a remarkable improvement in a patient’s smile. Show off their new look in a patient gallery.

Auto Body and Detailing Shops

You may specialize in restoring classic cars or focus on collision repair. No matter what your specialty, your business relies on delivering a great-looking result to your customers. As you know, auto body and paint work can be absolutely amazing – and in many cases, people might not even know the results that are possible. Show your best work online to help customers in your local market make the easy decision that you are the go-to shop.